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Rules & Agreements.

This agreement is between Hour Grows LTD, which is registered in the United Kingdom and working on the basis of the current United Kingdom legislation and investor of Hour Grows LTD. This agreement describes the mechanism of interaction of the subjects of economic relations in the security of personal data.


1. General provisions regarding the investment project


1.1. Hour Grows LTD is officially listed in December 2016 in the United Kingdom . Company's office is located at the following address: 33 Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AH, England. Anyone can visit the office during working days (from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM, Monday through Friday) if he shall give advance notice about his visit.

1.2. The following rules are of interaction between the administration of Hour Grows LTD and participants (investors) of the investment project. These rules are binding on both parties.


2. Rights and obligations of investors of Hour Grows LTD


2.1. Anyone can register an account and become an investor of the project, provided that he reached 18 years old. Hour Grows LTD cooperates with participants from all over the world without any additional restrictions.

2.2. To participate in the project, each investor must have his own personal account.

2.3. Investors of Hour Grows LTD can register and have only one active account that is used for investment and profits. In identifying violations of this rule all his accounts will be blocked, and his deposits forfeited.

2.4. Investors of Hour Grows LTD have the right to make any number of deposits using one account.

2.5. Customer can choose what kind of investment plan he will use to get profits. He also has the right to choose the most convenient payment method to make deposit and get payouts.

2.6. Withdrawal of profits can be only using a same payment method (e-currency), which was applied to make a deposit before.

2.7. Each investor has a right to get profits according to current investment proposal.

2.8. Participation in the affiliate program is available for each registered client regardless of whether he has an active deposit.


3. Use and protection of personal information


3.1. For cooperation with the administration of the investment project, the process of investment and withdrawals of profit, you need to register and provide your personal, contact and payments details. Content Management System (CMS) of website also collects about you further information such as your IP address and geographic location of the entrance to the site, the type of web browser and the Operating System (OS) of your device, which you use to Internet surfing.

3.2. Personal (contact) information will be used by the administration of the investment project in the following cases:

3.2.1. If you lose your data to enter into a personal account (your username and/or password). To restore such data you will need to use an email address that was provided during registration. Your username / password will be emailed in automatic mode.

3.2.2. After changing the settings of your account, you will receive a confirmation by email.

3.2.3. After completion of registration, the creation of deposit Withdrawal requests and reports about completes of these transactions.

3.2.4. Your contact details will be used for promptly informing users about marketing activities, special offers and news. At any time you can cancel your subscription by sending us a request with the subject line "Unsubscribe" via

3.3. Data that is provided to us is stored on our secure servers. Details relating to any transactions entered into via our site will be encrypted to ensure its safety.

3.4. The transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of data sent to us electronically and the transmission of such data is entirely at your own risk. Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password so that you can access certain areas of our site, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential.


4. The sharing of personal information with a third party


4.1. Hour Grows LTD adheres to the principles of confidentiality of personal information and never discloses personal information of the project participants to third parties.  However, in some situations we will have to transfer the data of our users. Such case could happen if the customer has violated the law, and we got an appropriate court order.

4.2. We will be forced to disclose personal information of our customers if their actions violate the rules of the project or discredit his reputation.

4.3. The user's account may be blocked if we suspect any fraudulent activity, and we can write a statement to law enforcement agencies and to provide user's information (his personal data, size and date of deposit).

4.4. We may also disclose information about the user, if he asks us about it, or will be agreed in advance to such transfer of stakeholders.


5. Security of personal data


5.1. The security of any personal information is most important to us. By registering on the official website of the company, you can be sure that all the information we collect will only be used as an internal information database. We ensure maximum security of all data channels and eliminate any possibility of illegal theft of information. We do not claim to leadership in the field of information security, but we have optimized our website that customers have nothing to worry about. All data channels are encrypted using the most modern means of protection: SSL certificate and reliable web hosting with protection from external threats (including DDoS attacks).

5.2. All information submitted by you, will be stored on our servers as long as will active your account. If you do not use your account a certain time, it does not mean that it is automatically deleted. To delete your account, you will need to contact administration of this website with a similar request. You must submit this request to the same email account that was used to register your account. After a thorough check your request will be processed within 5 working days. You will be notified that your account has been removed from our information base. To contact administration the concerning data security, the latest information and change or delete your personal account, you must use


6. Additional information on the management of data


6.1. The company does not change your data at its discretion. For any changes you need to send us a request. Always use the same email address, it will help us identify and get rid of extra checking. Upon receipt of your request for information in your account will be updated within 24 hours. After changing the data, you will be notified via email.


7. Feedback


7.1. If you have any questions relating to the security and storage of your contact details or you have important information about violations while working with the website of the company, do not hesitate to contact us. Customer service operates around the clock. You can use any comfortable way to contact us using feedback form, email, phone or physical address. If you would prefer to write to us then our contact address 33 Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AH, England. To send a query you can use or feedback form in your user area (personal account).


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