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Take advantage of high-yielding currency and metals trading with Hour Grows LTD. Currently, the most promising earning area is a multicurrency trading in the Forex market. The company group of financial experts consists from professional market analysts and trading experts, all they have sufficient experience and the necessary skills to conduct effective and profitable currency trading. During the last ten years Hour Grows LTD team was developing its own principles of break-even intraday trading and uses unique strategy of money management that ensures uninterrupted profits depending on chosen investment terms and strict implementation of obligations to partners.

Through the efforts of company technical support has been developed software based on actual historical data intended for automated trading (Forex bots and Expert Advisors) which is currently used in test mode and allows Hour Grows LTD to monitor the availability of profitable orders and select the most appropriate ones. Besides, such trading system is designed to accelerate and automate all the processes of interaction with our investors. Company's Forex trading is based on low-risk behavior strategy. We always select safest methods of conducting trust management service. Such principle allows our team to control entry and exit points and check price charts.


We offer the most favorable conditions for the placement of financial assets in trust. Professional Forex trading and qualitative approach to each customer makes us different among similar proposals on the market. Of course, to implement such a service the company should be accountable to financial regulatory institutions. That is why in 2016 we were incorporated in London under the name Hour Grows LTD. Such a step has allowed us to attract investment around the world, not limited to the United Kingdom, where is a core group of our traders. Today the company is pleased to offer results of online trading to everyone with a variety of investment terms and, certainly, the different rates of profit. Contact customer support service for more information.


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